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Make Google’s Display Network for You

These aren't typical display campaigns with high bounce rates and poor site engagement metrics.

If you're not sure what Google Display Network is, the image of the Google search engine results page above should help.

Display Ads are usually images & text that show as banners on various websites which are on Google's Display Network, like blogs, review sites, videos, & more. These ads still run on a PPC (pay-per-click) model & impressions while people browse these webpages are free.

Display campaigns are most commonly used for:

• Branding/Awareness: Build awareness of a product or service.

• Retargeting/Remarketing: Re-engage users who have visited a specific page on your site.

• Down-Funnel Targeting: Serve ads for a specific event or to up-sell.


Display Network Advertising Essentials

Highly targeted display campaigns paired with accurate attribution & goal tracking make for a winning combination.

YouTube Video Ads

Create custom YouTube ad campaigns targeted to visitors of your website, keyword-based targeting, and custom audiences related to your product/service & competitors.

Custom Affinity Audience Targeting

Target ads to users who are doing research about your product/service, or have expressed interest in your competitors.

Managed Custom Placements

We place display ads on specific websites your consumers visit, like blogs & review sites. That way, your ad is visible when their doing research on the product/service.

Customized to Meet Your Goals

Not an out-of-the-box or "turnkey" PPC campaign. This is customized to work for your business.

Advanced Remarketing Campaigns

Re-engage visitors of your website. Target ads to users who visit a specific page on the website, so if they drop off on the checkout page, you can offer an incentive.

 Responsive Display Ads

These ads change in size to give us the highest number of impressions. This gets us in front of as many users possible, mobile & desktop.

Awareness Building Campaigns

Use a combination of keyword, interest-based, and competitor targeting to build awareness. Impression-focused campaigns with user behavior reporting is a winning combination.

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