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Google Tag Manager (GTM) & Analytics

Gain Valuable Insight on How Users Interact With Your Site

Using Google Tag Manager (GTM) & Analytics, we can track valuable website interactions and drop-off points.

Using GTM to set up event trackers, and custom goals in Analytics, I track every step a user makes to improve your conversion numbers.

Identify your largest traffic sources, and where they navigate to on the website. From there, track & report on what percentage of your users click on specific links, play videos, fill out forms, join newsletters, and just about anything else you can think of.

Understand Every Level of Ad Performance

Tracking several interaction points show the full value of your paid advertising efforts.

Phone Calls

Dynamic phone numbers allow tracking on multiple numbers (sales/service calls) and track call duration, missed calls, & more.


Using GTM & Analytics, we can see the exact dollar revenue coming from all website traffic sources including paid ads & keywords.

Full-Funnel Tracking

Track every step a user takes during the conversion funnel - focus your optimization efforts where they make the biggest impact.

Customized Website Reporting

We collaborate to establish key metrics and include data visualizations so it's easily digestible.

 Custom Dashboards

Utilize custom dashboards to view site performance & metrics as often as we need to. Track website performance throughout the duration of campaigns utilizing custom dashboards.

Evolving Goal Tracking

Like most businesses, goals & goal tracking is an evolving process. Track calls, form submissions, form views, key page visits, video views, & more.

Reporting/Collaboration Calls

We'll use time on phone calls to collaborate on marketing/product strategy instead of just regurgitating metrics. This informs all advertising and improves overall success.

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