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Integrated Search Marketing (Paid & Organic)

A Combined Solution Ideal for Small Business

Using paid search and organic optimization tactics, we can build a long-term, low-cost growth strategy to make sure your site is seen for queries that matter.

Search traffic is ideal because it's comprised of intent-driven users who are actively searching for your business or service, so they're highly converting (likely to take action). Paid search is great to ensure we remain seen for queries, but using just paid search to drive all your traffic can get very expensive. Also, when you turn off your paid campaigns, that traffic can stop abruptly. Supplementing paid search with high-quality organic content and on-site optimization builds a sustainable funnel of user traffic.

I created this service after I noticed how well this approach worked for many small & medium sized businesses. The hybrid approach allows us to trim costs & be highly strategic with paid search campaigns, and build a solid base of content to engage users and drive actions. Also, this approach allows us to use the data from paid campaigns to inform the organic campaigns, so where we see expensive queries, we analyze the queries and build high-quality organic content catering to it.

How the Process Works

Use paid ad data & conversion tracking to influence organic keyword strategies. This process makes an integrated search marketing campaign ensuring we drive high quality traffic for a low cost.


Paid tools allow us to test queries, do keyword research, and get us search query data quickly. This allows us to determine what queries are most expensive, and the highest converting.


Once we've established which search queries/keywords are highly converting & high cost, we can develop a high-quality content strategy to target good positions for those queries on organic search.


The key to success here is to develop, properly optimize, and post the content. I work with contractors (like English teachers) to develop content, optimize the content for search engines, and then post to search console.

Paid & Organic Search Benefits

Having a cohesive paid & organic search strategy includes a lot of benefits which are hard to find in separate paid & organic search strategies.

Long-Term Success

Paid search is great because we can bid on positions for specific queries, but the drawback is once we turn it off, we stop that traffic. Using organic search means we build content & maintain long-term positions for highly converting queries.

Displaying Multiple Selling Points

For search queries where we have both paid & organic listings showing (like brand searches) we can carefully collaborate on selling points which will be different in both results. This shows users the most about your business.

Cohesive Reporting

We use the same reporting metrics (on-site, high-value actions) so the report you see clearly shows the same metrics from both perspectives. This allows for us to optimize consistently and keep everything transparent.

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