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What I Do

I offer PPC campaign management & agency consulting services:

Paid Search (PPC) Management

Custom built & optimized paid search PPC campaigns will allow you to maximize your returns on investment. Spend your advertising budgets the smart way.

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Integrated Search Marketing

A combination of paid & organic search tactics including content development and paid search ad optimizations. Ideal for small businesses to build cost-efficient & sustainable traffic.

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Display Network Marketing

Make Google's Display Network work for you. The old adage of poor metrics from display network are no longer the case. Do display the right way, one customized for your business.

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Gain valuable insight on how users interact with your site. Setting custom goals and tags allow you to track every step a user makes to improve your conversion numbers.

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Work with agencies to audit accounts, provide in-person strategy development, & team training. Training your team can help you provide efficient & effective service to your clients.

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