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Paid Search Campaign Management

Spend Advertising Dollars the Smart Way

Paid search (commonly referred to as PPC) can be one of the most expensive marketing mediums. Spend your money wisely.

Paid search ads are the first listings you see on the search engine results page when you type in a search on Google or Bing. I utilize industry-specific keyword search data to customize paid search ad campaigns to work for your business.

Paid Search (PPC) Marketing Essentials

PPC campaigns are constantly optimized using real-time analytics and data to make intelligent, data driven adjustments.

Geographic Ad Testing

Advanced geographic targeting allows reporting & optimization down to the zip code level. This allows us to ensure we're spending in areas which are effective.

Ad Copy Testing

Learn what ad copy resonates with your users. Showing the right ad text to the right audience is essential in an effective marketing campaign.

Ad Scheduling / Dayparting

Show ads at the right time of day, when people are ready to take an action. Don't waste your money on serving ads all the time, but be there at the right time.

Customized to Meet Your Goals

Not an out-of-the-box or "turnkey" PPC campaign. This is customized to work for your business.

✅ Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Re-engage users who have already visited your site. Ensure that you appear at the top of searches for people who've already expressed interest.

✅ Collaborative Campaign Customization

We establish which metrics are important for your business, report on those and optimize for those. See which keywords drive phone calls, form fills, & much more.

Affinity Audience Targeting

Target ads only to users who have been searching for similar products/services, or have expressed interest in competitors. This can save you a lot of money and keep your ads highly relevant.

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