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Small Business Google Ads (AdWords) Course (


This 90-minute course will teach you everything you need to know to make a cost-efficient, affordable Google Ad campaign from start to finish. Registration closes at midnight on December 8th, and the course takes place on Wednesday, December 12th at 12p (noon) central.


In this 90-minute Google Ads (AdWords) class, you will develop an in-depth understanding of key factors in building out a successful Google Ads account. You will be able to use Google’s tools to see what keywords customers use to find your product or service, how to incorporate those on your website, and how to show your product/service on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

About You:

  • You came to this page by clicking on an ad placed on
  • You’re likely a small business owner or marketer with small marketing budgets. Agencies either won’t work with your budget, or management fees would equal to your marketing budget.
  • You want to get a better understanding of fundamental pay per click (PPC) marketing campaigns & small business campaign strategy. You can use this where you work now, or get another job where you use this skill.

About Me: 

  • I’m a former mechanical engineer and I transitioned into digital marketing because of a genuine curiosity & interest.
  • I’ve worked in large & small agencies, on clients all across the board. I used to work full time at an agency, but now work full-time building & managing PPC accounts for small businesses.
  • I know that most small businesses can utilize the Google Ads (AdWords) platform to build efficient campaigns at a low cost. I’m also an unbiased resource to help you genuinely make the most of the platform. Sure, Google offers courses, but they’re incentivized if your campaigns spend more.
  • I thoroughly enjoy teaching and have been doing it for years. I’ve trained junior PPC specialists who had no knowledge, and I also teach a boxing class regularly, which is a hobby/passion of mine.

Feel free to contact me at with any questions. My resume is available here, and LinkedIn profile available here.

What You’ll Learn in this Course:

  • Bids & Budgets: how Google’s bidding/budgeting structure works, and how to set up your campaigns to make the most of the platform.
  • Setting Goals & Conversions: Before you launch anything, we’re going to figure out how to evaluate whether we’re driving good traffic. We’ll learn how to pick important pages on your site and how to track them.
  • Ad Campaign Structuring: How to structure your campaigns to be efficient and maximize your advertising spend.
  • Picking Keywords: Here we’ll walk through the match types for keywords because using the wrong match type can drive your costs up astronomically, and show your ad for irrelevant search queries. We’ll also talk about how to use Google’s tools to select the right keywords.
  • Creating ads: Learn how to create the perfect ad for the specific search query. Also – we’ll talk about testing multiple unique offers in ads, and how to set things up quickly & easily.
  • Optimizing your website: I’ll show you how to use Google’s tools to optimize your website with specific keywords & use the data we collect to optimize your overall website experience.
  • Questions – You get an open question/answer session.

Lastly – You get to keep ALL the material we go through in the course. This will be enough for you to build your own cost-efficient campaign once we’re done with the class.

When & How:

Registration for the course closes on Saturday, December 8th, and we’ll have our course on Wednesday, December 12th at 12p (noon) CST. Registration will close promptly at midnight on December 8th, so register today!